South Korea demands BMW for 8.7 million euros after a series of fires

South Korea demands BMW for 8.7 million euros after a series of fires

South Korea today demanded 11,200 million won (8.7 million euros or 9.9 million dollars) from BMW for allegedly trying to hide defective components and delay their vehicles after a series of fires.

About 40 vehicles with engines from the German automaker caught fire in the Asian country since the beginning of the year, which led BMW to recall more than 106,000 units of 42 models last August.

An investigation by South Korean civil experts and officials determined that the combustions were caused by the exhaust gas recirculation valves and a refrigerant leak, according to Seoul's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, which filed the lawsuit.

Transport ordered BMW to replace the defective components in its call for review and carry out additional tests on the durability of the gas recirculation system, according to a ministry statement picked up by local agency Yonhap.

The South Korean ministry has sent the case to the prosecution to deepen the investigation, considering that the response of the German manufacturer was late and tried to hide the defects, which the headquarters in Germany would have known since 2015.

According to the report of the research panel, that year the BMW headquarters created a working group to recondition a cooling device in the recirculation system to prevent fires, while the manufacturer has insisted that it did not detect the problem until July. this year.

BMW has seen its sales fall in South Korea as a result of the case and in the first eleven months of the year it sold almost 10% less.


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