Sound of Aqua’s musical journey

The Sound of Aqua musical journey once again weighed anchor at the beginning of the cultural course, heading for new waters that will anchor at The Paper Club room (C / Remedios, 10) as the first port of destination. The Gran Canaria band made up of Pau Coelho (voice, rhythmic guitar and lyrics), Javier Ramírez (guitar), Kira Medina (bass) and Eri Pablo Cabrera (percussion) conquers today the stage of the capital room under the shelter of the LPAenvivo cycle, promoted by the Culture area of ​​the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to unlock its repertoire live, from 9:00 p.m.

His palette of sounds, which mixes the atmospheres of indie folk and progressive indie rock, colors a sound horizon in which the influences of references such as Coldplay, James Bay or Sticky Fingers infiltrate, but which, in addition, does not close its doors to new stylistic directions. “The set list of the concert will be made up of the songs that we have already been playing so far but this time, in addition, we have incorporated some surprises in terms of style”, advances Coehlo, founder and leader of the formation, which took its first steps on past 2018.

Pau Coelho: «From a musical point of view, I think that we have a fairly marked sound of our own»


This musical journey began with Pau Coehlo and Javier Ramírez as an acoustic duo on guitar and voice, until, a year later, Kira Medina and Eri Pablo Cabrera embarked on the project and committed themselves body and soul to their melodies and adventures. Since then, Sound of Aqua has refined an inventory of its own songs with the aim of carving out a distinctive stamp within the island’s musical effervescence, as well as crystallizing this repertoire in a first record project.

“Our idea is to release our first LP soon, with an audiovisual project behind it,” says the singer-songwriter. “From a musical point of view, I think that we have our own sound that is quite marked and that differs within the indie spectrum on the islands, which we follow quite a lot,” he maintains, since he highlights, as one of its strengths, the egalitarian composition of the band. “I think it is interesting that we are peers, because there are still projects of female leadership in the Canary Islands,” he adds.

Touch the sky

Although the process of consolidation of the band crossed with the parenthesis derived from the quarantine of the pandemic, the truth is that their phones never stopped ringing. “Just before the pandemic they were calling us for more and more projects and, although some were paralyzed, we had several online participations, such as Fibra Sonora, Canariona or Mi Casa Telephone Fest”, says Coelho.

And is that, once established as a band just over two years ago, Sound of Aqua touched the sky when, just a few months after breaking into the local circuit of live music venues, they swelled the line-up of the latest edition of the Festival Womad the same 2019.

“In a matter of months we made our debut at a big festival,” says Coelho, who made his way into the field of music when he was only 14 years old and, after going through multiple bands such as Blue Platform or The Laidbacks, finally sowed the germ of this project capital with a liquid name, which contains a nod to the island roots of its four components.

“Sound of Aqua represents a lot of us all four,” says the vocalist. “As a band we started strong and the good thing is that, now that we have rejoined after the break without an audience, we are with all the desire in the world to continue doing this, because it is what we love to do,” he announces, adding that “The four of us are family, I think we make a great team and that shows in the result.”

The next stop of the training is the Zero Festival, on October 15, in the Miller space


After this first stop at The Paper Club, the next Sound of Aqua port docks at the sixth edition of Festival Cero, which will be held from October 11 to 17 at Espacio Miller, where the band from Gran Canaria will share the stage with rockers Ginebras, next October 15.


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