Sotero, bronze medal in disk in the National Absolute – La Provincia

The young Yasiel Bryan Sotero, 18 years old and belonging to the Tenerife Cajacanarias discipline, won the bronze medal in the discus throwing event in the absolute Spanish Championship. On the first day of the competition, held in Moratalaz (Madrid) last Saturday, the Cuban-born pitcher from Gran Canaria achieved a mark of 54.53 meters with a two-kilo puck. This record was worth him to climb to the third step of the podium in an atypical National, held in four venues for reasons of Covid-19.

The gold medal went to the current leader of the national ranking, the Cuban-born athlete Lois Maikel Martínez (CAICS), 38, who did 60.02 meters. Silver went to José Lorenzo Hernández (FCBB) from Granada, with 54.79 meters.

Yasiel Sotero achieved the mark that gave him the bronze medal in his fifth launch, making the first, third and sixth void. It should be remembered that the young discóbolo is the current continental champion and the national record holder of the sub 20 category; In addition, he won gold in the European sub 18 (Giör-Hungary 2018) and in the sub 20 (Boràs-Sweden 2019).

This is a pitcher who still has a long way to go, and a goal on the horizon: to surpass the mark of the mythical Mario Pestano (now retired) of 69.50 meters (Tenerife 2008). For now, he has already surpassed the marks achieved by the Tenerife in the lower categories.


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