Sortu calls "to give a new blow to the regime of 78 making independence become decisive again"

"Once again, we must give them where it hurts most, and what hurts them most is not abstention, it is not the vote for Podemos, let alone the vote for the PSOE, a party that has once again proved to be a fundamental pillar of the regime of 78, what hurts most is the independence vote and, above all, the left-wing independence vote, "he said.

This was stated by Rodriguez in his speech at the political conference that Sortu held this Saturday in Pamplona and in which half a thousand militants have gathered.

In his speech, the secretary general of Sortu has also referred to the situation in Catalonia, "now that the State has begun to press the accelerator of repression and now that with the sentence to 'procés' they are preparing to restrict the group of peoples of the State ".

As he has stated, "if the abertzale left has demonstrated anything, if our movement and our people can attest to anything, it is that despite the suffering that it may generate, there is no National Court, or Civil Guard, or jail capable of stopping a town". "You could not, nor can, nor will you. Sooner or later our people will achieve peace and freedom," he added.

Likewise, the secretary general of Sortu has defended "the importance of working together with the social movements to be able to articulate a great sovereign and transformative front", since, as he has stated, "the sovereign process needs a social impulse that makes it irreversible ".

Therefore, he added, "we will work hand in hand and side by side with and in the feminist movement, with and in the pension movement, with and in the youth movement, to strengthen the social muscle of the process, to articulate a large sovereign and transformative front. "

Along these lines, in a context of "multiple crises, increasing inequalities and impoverishment," Arkaitz Rodríguez has opted to "continue fighting with all our strength to send the genocidal, feminicidal and liberticidal system to the garbage dump of history and build the necessary alternative. "

"A necessarily socialist alternative, insofar as it has to guarantee the primacy of the social, of the collective, of the common, and that here and now goes through the construction of a republic for the Basques and the Basques," he has claimed .

In his opinion, "we need sovereignty, to reverse the impositions and prevenient cuts of Madrid; so that our self-government is not a malleable toy by the Spanish State; and so that the decisions of Navarra can be taken in Navarra and only in Navarra and not in offices in Madrid, which is what some continue to claim. "

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