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Riot gear, the series by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña for Movistar +, continues shooting in Madrid. The fiction, still without a premiere date, is centered on six members of this security body, a collective that usually "awakens controversy and ambivalence."

"By having six chapters, we can analyze and try to get into the grays of the brigade," Sorogoyen said in a meeting with the media. "We have tried to get away from the common points: When they do their job, sometimes they are bad beasts, but sometimes they are not. We have tried to get away from whites and blacks and try to get into gray," he explained.

The series, created by Sorogoyen himself along with his usual screenwriter, Isabel Peña, recounts the life of six members of the Police Intervention Unit after the execution of an eviction that ends in tragedy. There will enter Laia Orquijo (Vicky Luengo), agent of the Internal Affairs Unit, who will have to investigate the irregularities of this eviction.

"Unfortunately, these things happen daily and, unfortunately, these people have to do their job," the director continued. "But not only are they stifling demonstrations: In any operation with a certain risk, riot police are present," he said. Therefore, according to his story, the social framework "is modified" throughout the series, since the plot of this season is extended during the "several months" in which the investigation takes place.

"We have also based on the riots that occurred last year, in which a mantero died of a cardiac arrest," said Sorogoyen referring to the case of Mmame Mbaye, the Senegalese mantero who died in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés and which began a series of protests in which there was a special presence of the Police Intervention Unit. "We shot it in the same place where it happened," says Raúl Arévalo, one of the protagonists of the series.

But not all that the series intends is to show the complex and sometimes violent work of the brigade. "We wanted to see the riot police in different situations they face: from an eviction and a violent demonstration to a football match where they control violent fans, a demonstration of fifty people in Congress or their work in the Plaza de Callao" , declared the director.

Riot gearuses a novel 360º sound recording technique.

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