April 17, 2021

Sore throat: what is the best way to treat it, according to science – The Province

With the arrival of the cold one of our passengers also returns but usual companions of this time of the year: sore throat. This ailment can have different causes, although most of it is due to bacterial or viral infections, like the flu, or colds.

Sore throat, caused by inflammation in some area of ​​the pharynx, is one of the most frequent among the population. Although the taking of over-the-counter painkillers in pharmacy, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can help us, the first thing we must do is correctly identify the cause, and for that the first step should be go to a specialist, thus avoiding self-medication.

In the general treatment of sore throat are usually prescribed anti-inflammatory Y local anesthetics. In cases of bacterial infections, such as streptococcus, it will be necessary to resort to a antibiotic.

Popular culture, however, usually prescribes a series of remedies when we have this annoyance, although not in all cases does science support its presumed beneficial effects.

In the case of honeyFor example, it can act as a local painkiller in the area, like water with lemon. But by themselves they are not able to shorten the terms of these ailments. Without an obvious anti-inflammatory effect, the sore throat will not disappear when the discomfort is perceived, for example, in swallowing.

Do home remedies work?

Water like lemon, or the intake of liquids in general, does help to contribute to keep the body hydrated, a factor that makes the saliva more fluid, which will cause the throat to suffer less during the days that inflammation may last.

Infusions and lemon can help in cases of sore throat. Photo: Getty Images

In the case of a local infection, lemon will also help disinfect the area.

Nor are the real benefits of oranges or other foods with a large amount of vitamin C, which are often recommended as the best allies to prevent or accelerate viral or catarrhal processes that may accompany sore throat.

Beyond that, in the event that the sore throat occurs along with episodes of cough, yes that will be helpful home remedies that can make it refer, such as taking infusions, the vapors and, again, hydrate properly.


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