Sordo demands "clarity" from the parties in their proposals for pensions

The Secretary General of CCOO, Unai Sordo, has asked this Friday in Palencia that the electoral campaign "pivot" around the real problems and concerns of the people and has demanded "clarity" to all the political parties in their proposals on the system of pensions.

Sordo, who has offered a press conference before participating in an assembly of CCOO delegates in Palencia, has demanded that political parties stop the insult, the war of flags, the tension and social polarization and focus their campaign on " what determines the living conditions of the people. "

"Spain needs a progressive government to put an end to the effects of the austerity policy of the PP," he said, so he asked the workers to "not put on profile" and go to vote in the next elections general

Since CCOO has advanced that will require the Government to leave these elections to repeal the central parts of the Labor Reform of 2012 and to "clarify" its position on the pension system.

The progressive parties have been asked to clarify what public pension system they want and how they will finance it, and to "the three rights" that are sincere and clarify if they "really" defend a public pension system.

In this sense Sordo has warned that a minimum consensus on pensions is necessary and that CCOO does not want the right wing to get out of that minimum consensus to guarantee the public pension system in the next three decades.

"But we have reasonable doubts about what they think because these parties no longer say the same things they said before," he lamented.

Finally, he referred to fiscal policy and pointed out that Spain has a fiscal pressure below the European Union average and that if it had the same, 91,000 million euros would be collected each year, enough to cover the deficit of 18,000. million euros of Social Security.

"Spain would have to go through at least part of that fiscal deficit with Europe and improve its collection to make public policies more inclusive and courageous and guarantee quality public services and pensions," he said.

Faced with this, he pointed out that those who announce widespread tax reductions are talking about the deterioration of public services because "it is impossible to square circles".

"We must raise the tax burden but determining who pays," he asked, giving as examples the fight against the shadow economy or that companies have a minimum rate to pay in the Corporation Tax.

Sordo has assured that CCOO will defend "with all the necessary forcefulness" these proposals before the next government, whatever the political party that is in the new Government.


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