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Soraya Rodríguez, 'number three' in the list of Citizens to the European elections after leaving the PSOE

Soraya Rodríguez, 'number three' in the list of Citizens to the European elections after leaving the PSOE

The socialist exportvoz in Congress and former Secretary of State Soraya Rodríguez has been added as 'number 3' to the candidacy of Citizens to the European elections on May 26 a month after leaving the PSOE.

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His incorporation as an independent has been confirmed on Tuesday by the party's president, Albert Rivera, in an act of the orange formation at the Goya Theater in Madrid together with the head of the list to the Eurocámara, Luis Garicano.

The European candidacy for Citizens is headed by Garicano, responsible for Economy and Employment of Cs, elected in primaries, while in the second place will be UPyD MEP Maite Pagazaurtundua and the third will be occupied by Soraya Rodríguez.

In the colloquium organized by Citizens, Rivera said he was "very proud" to have Garicano and Rodriguez in the European team to "fight the populist lies every day" and defend the European integration project. Garicano, on the other hand, has described it as "a policy of convictions", which keeps them "beyond the interests of the party."

"At Cs we have always appreciated that people of diverse backgrounds join" a project that wants to "unite the different", that "reach out and do not ask for a pedigree," he said, stating that his party is "the common home of the constitutionalism of the 21st century ".


The former socialist has defended that "over loyalty to your party is loyalty to Spain," and that those who have "the same concept of the nation" must "work together." "I do not believe in the plurinational State," Spain is "a nation of equal citizens," he underlined.

Considers that, beyond the "political differences", there must be cooperation between those who think that in a "State of rich and diverse autonomies" there can not be a "constant tension" between the territories, or that the different communities must fight each other for having more resources.

"Those of us who believe that Spanish citizens decide together the destiny of all" also "we must work together," he said. In this sense, he has affirmed that the "democrats, constitutionalists and pro-Europeans" are "in the same trench", both in Spain and in Europe.

In both spheres, movements that "try to destroy the rule of law and the constitutional state" in the member countries of the European Union must be combated, he also stressed, rejecting that "mediators or rapporteurs" could be imposed so that the government could dialogue with another part of the State, alluding to Catalonia.

Garicano has been more clear in criticizing the Government of Pedro Sanchez, warning that he intends to "continue the policy of transfers" before Catalan separatism.

In addition, he has accused the PSOE of having replaced Ramón Jáuregui for Iratxe García as a spokesman in the European Parliament because the former "did not put on profile" when the nationalist parties tried to create a "black legend" about Spain.


For the leader of the orange formation, it is fundamental not to remain before "the lies and half-truths" of the "populists", to avoid that they "go calando" in the international arena.

For this reason, he has promised to give "the intellectual, political and social battle" from the Government of Spain and abroad and close "all the embassies" that, as he has said, the Generalitat has used to ruin the reputation of Spain using public money .

He also affirmed that if Ciudadanos governs, he will put "the photo and resources" in the Moncloa international office, to improve the communication strategy abroad.

Finally, he stressed the importance of "combating the causes that give wings to populism", providing solutions to the problems that concern citizens. "Because the breeding ground" of this phenomenon is "unemployment, distrust, corruption, insecurity, fear," he explained.


Rodriguez left his seat in Congress at the end of February and a week later left the PSOE for disagreements with Pedro Sanchez, after criticizing the government to accept the figure of a rapporteur or mediator for their negotiations with the Catalan separatist parties.

Shortly after the rumors that linked it with Citizens arose. Although the official confirmation has not arrived until now, in the last month Rivera has publicly praised her for having opposed Sanchez's approach to the separatist parties.

Soraya Rodríguez served as spokesperson for the PSOE in the Lower House when the party was led by Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba and previously was Secretary of State for International Cooperation in the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

In addition, she has already gone through the European Parliament, where she was deputy of the PSOE between 1999 and 2004, after having occupied a seat in Congress and having been councilor of the Valladolid City Council.


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