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I do not know anything about audiences, or viral movements or Compartir, but I suspect that those responsible for televisions and other means of communication (or incommunicado) must be afraid of the logical downfall of their loyal clientele. The offer over months of the endless trial of the procés and the saturants political elections to decide who will be the saviors of the country, the benefactors of the people and other humanistic and social emergencies, can have lethargic effects for the spectator.

I do not pretend to be frivolous, I know the years of jail that the defendants are playing, but that transcendence does not prevent the stupor from what you see and hear. The great cinema has the blame for that lethargy. He made us believe that the judgments are exciting through plots, developments, characters, and dialogues that kept you tense, fascinated, with unpredictable verdicts. Nothing to do with the tired and grayish tone of reality. And if you change channels you will find rape, murder, assassinations, landings, beatings, those little things that feed the morbid staff and that the presenters announce with the tempter: "We warn you that the images you are going to see are very hard" .

And I do not want to think about the season of meetings that awaits us. I find them unbearable. And the fault in this case is Shakespeare, who wrote something unbeatable about the speeches of politicians in July Cease. Marco Antonio finishes off the tyrannicide Brutus when he reveals to the plebs that the rich Caesar made them his heirs in the testament. In the cinema, the interpretations of Brando and Mason in that dialectical duel were anthological. But as far as I know, in real life they never give anything tangible and succulent to the enthusiastic public of the rallies. That is why I can not understand her arrogance, her ovations, her seamless identification, her cries of support, her emotion, her orgasms.


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