April 10, 2021

«Soon you will have a new illusion, a new opportunity»

«Soon you will have a new illusion, a new opportunity»


The entry into force of the decree law regulating the VTC (Vehicles for Hire with Driver) in Catalonia has put companies and workers of this group in a complicated situation: Yesterday Cabify and Uber announced that they ceased their activity in Barcelona. What has been accompanied by the opening of employment regulation files (ERE) in companies that operate with VTC licenses as Moove Cars or Round Vector, whose 1,000 employees will soon swell the unemployment queues. At the moment, the company has not renewed the contract to 20 people. All this, in a city like Barcelona where it is estimated that the 75 companies dedicated to this activity employ 3,500 workers. Many of them are senior profiles, who have found a second chance in their job as chauffeurs.

The requirement of pre-employment with at least 15 minutes is the touchstone that has forced the opening of dismissal processes. Precisely Vector Round sent an emotional letter to its workers, to whose content ABC has had access. In the same the president of Vector Round Teleport – Rosauro Varo- thanked the attitude of their drivers: «You got involved contributing your professionalism, your values ​​and your commitment not only with Vector but especially with our users and the city of Barcelona».

In the letter, Varo regretted not having been able to avoid the approval of the royal decree: "It hurts us not to have prevented the approval of this restrictive and unjust regulation that condemns us to the disappearance in Catalonia "and has not hesitated to charge against the Generalitat to which it accuses of having" legislated giving back to the citizenship "and of having ignored the general interest leaving Barcelona «Far from the avant-garde and modern city that must be». In this regard, he pointed out in the letter addressed to his employees that after working tirelessly to prevent the new legislation, they will now review the decree law to adopt "all the legal measures necessary to try to reverse this situation".

The last message is person, of encouragement to the driver who has just lost his job. A profile mostly senior and that has seen in the VTC an unexpected window to return to the labor market: «Life grants second chances. For many of you, Vector captured that same ", says the head of Vector Round Teleport. Varo concludes in his message to his still employees with a light of hope: "Although the horizon is certainly complex, soon you will have a new illusion, a new opportunity".


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