November 27, 2020

Sony announces its drone video and entertainment project

Airpeak, Sony's brand.

Airpeak, the Sony brand.

Sony has announced its new project with drones that, under the brand Airpeak, is aimed at video creators and the entertainment industry, on which the company will give more details next year.

Airpeak is the brand Sony seeks to “contribute to further evolution and the creation of unprecedented value through its imaging and sensing technology, as well as 3R technologies (Reality, Real Time and Remote) in the area of ​​drones “, as stated in the company’s statement.

Although not many details have been shared, the launch of this project will take place in the spring of 2021, to support “creativity of video creators” and contribute to the “development of the entertainment industry”.

The company ensures that with Airpeak drones will be able to used “with the highest level of safety and reliability” in settings where this has been difficult in the past.


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