Sonsoles Ónega considers the new cultural bond of the Government as a “patch”

“Culture,” he declared to the media, is always the great mistreated by all governments, the creators are the great forgotten, I think that the bonus does not solve the problem, Maybe I can bring young people to buy books or go to the theater, but for me it is a patch, the problems that culture has are fundamental and the initiative that really solves the problem of creation in Spain has not yet emerged “.

The architectural process of the novel

Sonsoles Ónega, who presented his book this Saturday afternoon at the Elder Museum, assures that suffers a lot when in the early days of creation, “in the architectural process of the novel, placing scaffolding”, but once he has it “staged”, in television terms, he enjoys “writing very much”.

It’s my engine, I need to write, I don’t know why, I think it is one of the great enigmas of creation, knowing what it is that springs from within you and that makes you need to sit down and write every day, it is a process that I enjoy, my characters accompany me permanently, they speak to me, they say, sometimes they get angry with me … it’s a way of life that I can’t imagine not having, “he assured.

Ónega explains that the problem of culture is fundamental, and criticizes that it is the “great mistreated” in the governments


This is the case of the characters of A thousand kisses forbidden, a contemporary novel that tells the story of two characters condemned to be separated but that fate brings them together, is a cry to the reader “to shake him up, to live life to the end”.

And that when he wrote it “there was no pandemic or volcanoes on La Palma, it was not known that living was going to become a risky exercise“,

Ónega claims in the novel “love above almost any other human force, is the most powerful thing”, and she also likes characters who say what she cannot say in real life, or what nobody says to her in real life. In reality, and what he likes most about writing and television is that in both he finds the analogy of seduction without yet knowing the recipe, so he lives without programming himself and taking advantage of the passing trains.

Rebeca Stone, the great sensation

Rebecca Stone is breaking the mold in this literary quote with queues of the youngest from the first hour to attend the presentation of their book Leeward and huge queues also to obtain your signature on site, all always with the maximum sanitary measures, including a mask even outdoors.

Born in Vigo, creativity has always accompanied her, so much so that her creative desire has led her to fill hundreds of notebooks with overwhelming stories, At the age of ten, he opened his own YouTube channel and has more than 500,000 followers. Actress, writer and presenter, she is a true adolescent phenomenon.

Leeward is the story of a world that is dying, of a generation that needs to invent its own ways to survive on the fictional island of Veira, which is facing extinction in an unprecedented ecological crisis.

Rebeca Stone presents her book, ‘Sotavento’, before a crowded tent Sabrina Ceballos (loaned by the organization)

In addition, the psychologist generated expectation Rafael Santandreu in this intense weekend in which the Book Fair has scheduled more than sixty presentations in intensive sessions in the morning and afternoon for, on Monday, to offer an evening program and on Tuesday, closing day, to face a new marathon day in which the flow of writers and the public will not stop.

This is possible thanks to the support of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Department of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Canary Islands Government, as well as the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development, the Elder Museum, Casa África, Nissan , Cadena Cope and AC Hoteles, whose strong support and the institutional union have allowed to organize the edition with more presentations in the history of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Book Fair.


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