September 22, 2020

Sonorama sends a message of encouragement without even knowing if there will be an edition this 2020

The organizers of Sonorama Ribera, the music festival that has been held every August in 1998 in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), has taken advantage of social networks to send a message of encouragement to its followers, although they have acknowledged that they still do not know if there could be edition this 2020.

Through an audiovisual statement released in the profiles that Sonorama has on different platforms, riddled with images of the previous appointments of the festival and with the voice in ‘off’ of its coordinator, Javier Ajenjo, he admits that there will only be Sonorama “if we can guarantee your safety and those of us who work on it. “

However, he has warned that he continues to work hard and learn to give his best at every moment because, throughout its twenty-three years of history, if anything has characterized this festival it is self-criticism and responsibility, he said.

“You have to be brave. Being realistic does not mean having no hope. We will be by your side. We will respond to your expectations,” said Ajenjo, recalling that those who remain behind the scenes need festival fans.

In addition to winking at Ribera del Duero, “the best wine in the world” and Aranda’s lamb, he has emphasized the existence of heroes who wear white robes, green suits and colored uniforms.

And all this before remembering that those attending this summer event, which qualify as a different festival, are its headliner and that all those who make Sonorama Ribera will succeed.

“Because as Julio Iglesias said, there is always why to live, why to fight”, he concluded before remembering that life is what happens between Sonorama and Sonorama.

For the video, it has had the collaboration, through sound records, of some of the artists who have passed through Sonorama such as Rozalén, Loquillo, La habitación Roja or Marc Dorian, as well as those who work on it, such as its community manager or its audiovisual production company.


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