November 29, 2020

SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia Festival: traveling to Formentera without leaving home | Blog Miss Festivals

SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia resists. One of the most sustainable and committed festivals on the national circuit, it takes a step forward to celebrate this year a very special edition curated by SinSal. Faced with the impossibility of performing as in previous years, this musical event reinvents itself to become a unique immersive and interactive experience. In this way, this time the public will not have to go to Formentera and it will be the island who approaches their homes.

SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia Immersive Edition will combine online and offline experiences that connect with each other to rediscover Formentera with the five senses. An interactive audiovisual experience in which the public can decide which route they want to follow. On the menu, attendees will find multiple musical, gastronomic and sustainable proposals that will be mixed so that each one can create their own festival.

In addition, the special pack SON Estrella Galicia, which is already available on the event website, It will be the festive bracelet entry to experience this initiative with the five senses. Through it you will have exclusive access to this special edition with which you can explore the secret corners of Formentera while listening to the most unexpected concerts. This package will include beers, a Teku glass and premium artisan preserves with the best of the sea, as well as a card with a touch of fine sand with the access codes to the experience and an envelope with essences from Formentera and beer raw materials.

In this way, the physical products will interact with the online audiovisual content to offer a total immersive experience. Only 150 lucky people will be able to get hold of the pack to live this sensory journey through Formentera, just as only a few were able to travel in previous editions to the magic of the island.

SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia Festival: traveling to Formentera without leaving home

As of its premiere on November 19, the public will be able to immerse themselves in SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia with its exclusive access. Creative risk, diversity and new languages ​​will be key in this experience, which will focus on music, respect for the environment, gastronomy and beer culture. In total, the experience lasts approximately 55 minutes that can be extended by creating new navigations in which to enjoy the great abundance of planes recorded in high quality with a subjective camera where the viewer will feel that he is there.

The truth is that SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia never wanted to be just another festival. This has been demonstrated throughout its three previous editions in which a small group of people enjoyed the best music, gastronomy, nature and the most unforgettable sunsets of their lives on one of the most paradisiacal islands in the world. All in defense of Save Posidonia Project, a pioneering plan that works to protect the posidonia, the marine plant responsible for the quality and particular color of the island’s waters, and which this year will continue to have the support of the festival through the benefits obtained.


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