July 29, 2021

Some tricks to take full advantage of WhatsApp functions | Technology

Some tricks to take full advantage of WhatsApp functions | Technology

WhatsApp has become by its own merits in the standard messaging application in half the world and in Spain, who is not locatable in this way, will certainly live in isolation. The popular messaging application has been updated this week incorporating the expected Stickers, those oversized emoticons that have already devastated in other applications of chat as LINE or Telegram, and the Facebook product is gradually incorporating new features. However, some, due to lack of knowledge or because the tool does not make it explicit, still find difficulties to carry out certain tasks:

Message to someone who is not on our contact list

Those who use a lot of platforms like Wallapop, know that at any given time it will be necessary to send a WhatsApp to a recipient that is neither in the contact list nor, given its transience, we want it to be. How to do it? Creating a temporary contact is a nuisance that eventually ends up unnecessarily increasing our agenda, but nevertheless, WhatsApp requires that the recipient is in our list of contacts. However, this limitation can be overcome by attaching the string to the URL of the mobile browser. "https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=XXXXXXXXXXX", Replacing the X with the number of the recipient and adding the '34' of Spain before the number itself.

Audios without keeping the finger pressing

The asynchronous communication of WhatsApp allows us to send small voice cuts (the famous audios) to our interlocutor. The problem is that many users believe that you have to hold your finger all the time by pressing the microphone button while speaking, something that can be uncomfortable if the message is long. However, you can set the audio recording: to do so, simply press the microphone icon and slide your finger to the padlock icon that appears later; Done this, the application will record the audio without touching the screen.

Rescue an important piece of information from a conversation

Surely it has happened to more than one: in a conversation using WhatsApp, they indicate a phone number, current account or address that we later need and has been buried by the barrage of messages that have come later. Well, there is a way to highlight that particular message to retrieve it later: for that it is enough to keep the finger pressed on the text that has been sent to us and then click on 'Highlight'; To recover this message, we must go to Settings / Featured messages.


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