Some of the immigrants rescued tonight in Alboran arrive in Motril

Some of the immigrants rescued tonight in Alboran arrive in Motril

The Red Cross has attended this night in Motril 92 of the 139 immigrants rescued by Maritime Rescue in the vicinity of the island of Alboran that were shipped in the Guardamar Caliope.

The rest have been embarked by the Guardamar Concepción Arenal that will transfer them with another group of immigrants to a port yet to be determined.

As reported to Efe Red Cross, the expedition that has been transferred to the dock of Granada and that has been attended tonight is of sub-Saharan origin and is made up of 92 people including 12 women, four young children and at least seven children .

Immigrants immediately after receiving a first health care and food, two of them have been transferred to the Hospital de Motril: a pregnant woman of just over seven months, and a man with a problem in one knee.

The rest of the immigrants are in good condition although some have required more attention from the medical services.

Maritime Rescue and the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard have rescued 147 people who traveled in three boats in the afternoon of the waters of the Alboran Sea.

According to Efe sources of Maritime Rescue, the rescue device was started in the early afternoon after receiving the notice of an NGO that warned of the departure of several inflatable boats from the coast of Morocco.

The search and rescue team involved the Guardamar Caliope, who has rescued 75 immigrants from one boat and 64 from another, and the patrol boat of the Civil Guard "Río Jiloca", which has rescued the eight members of another expedition, being the latter moved to Almeria.

All of them join the 130 immigrants who had previously been rescued also in the same area of ​​two boats, one of which had reached the island of Alborán.


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