Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

«Some insist on becoming Mordor»

He has a grandson of just weeks. Have you already sung about "there is no problem that does not solve Maya"?

I still do not understand much, but I'll sing it. It is a good song. When they make fun of me about the bee, I've come out with that refrain.

Architect … Are the foundations of Navarra safe? They are safe, regardless of what happens politically, but we are in one of those moments in which we must also reinforce them because they are being attacked a lot.

What would you like to build?

I am an official of the City Council and I have a lack of not having done major architectural projects. I would like to build something in Pamplona related to the Wall.

What is the resistance?

Now the government is very complicated, but we have the most difficult city councils of the regional community. A friend told me that it was "the resistance of Navarre", although I am not very aware of it. You are becoming a reference …

Is Navarre now Mordor?

The other day it was Mordor, because there was a waterspout that seemed like the end of the world. But Navarre is a luminous community with a great quality of life, and some insist on becoming Mordor, but we will not leave them.

Coque Malla sang that "there is no way". Who would you dedicate it to?

Basically, to the most radical in Pamplona and in general. As much as citizens express who they want to govern them, there is no way for some to understand it.

Who is your queen and your flag? My queen is my family, the one who is always at the center of gravity of everything, without her it would be nothing. My flag, honesty. And to put a more official flag, that of Navarre.

Dressed in a hat and chaqué in the procession of San Fermín, can you be scared? Fear does not happen. There are difficult moments and it is hard that in the procession of your city you always have in mind how we are going to finish …

Would not you be confused with the cob collector?

I understand that some can make some cartoons, because it is a little out of fashion. But the corporation went like this. It's not going to wear a banker's dress like Podemos says, it's dressing up.

With that hat, how much of a magician?

Little, this land is not of much magic, it is concrete, of getting to the point; You get the trick right away.

Do you believe in the witches of Zugarramurdi?

Yes, in addition, my wife is also very given and in my house we have one in the living room. I do not rule out that there are special powers out there.

Would you make Hemingway a councilor?

The same would be a good councilor of institutional relations, culture and commerce. It's interesting

What is left in Navarra Suma?

For the moment, it's adding up a lot. The only thing that remains is the excuse of the PSOE to say that it does not agree with us because there is the PP.

Who would be for you a bighead like those of Pamplona?It's a term that I find funny. I have a reputation as a person with a big head and my top hat is the largest of the entire corporation. My family calls me "big head" and I love it because it's what you think. If I have more brain than the average, I still like it.

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