March 5, 2021

"Some have not lived up to the Real Madrid shield"

"Some have not lived up to the Real Madrid shield"

Santiago Solari has left an hour and twenty minutes late to the press conference prior to Sunday's game in Valladolid (20:45, Movistar Partidazo). The situation of the technician and apologized for having taken so long to appear. Finally he did it with a serious gesture and the speech that he will continue working as well as possible until they tell him otherwise.

He said that most of his players have been at the height of the Real Madrid shield, and those who have not been, have known directly from the mouth of the coach. He did not bite his tongue and it is not very complicated to guess who these players are.

Some of them are going to have to play this Sunday, because almost all of the coach's confidence is injured. The intimacy of what has happened with Isco these days, who apologized to his teammates for some attitude with the group, did not want to disclose it to Solari, who also did not respond to what the staff planning would have been like if he had arrived in June.


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