Some "almost normal" Fallas except for the mask

The failures 2022 and the Magdalena may not be like the ones from 2019, but they will be the closest thing there has been until now. The only big difference will be the use of the masks in outdoor crowds (mascletás, discomóviles...) and indoors because the vast majority of restrictions that were put in place to make it possible to "party" last September are going to disappear and now, contrary to then, nightlife is open and there is no curfew in Valencia.

This is how he just moved the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puigin an appearance before the media in which he has once again asked for caution and co-responsibility because pandemic, although declining, is still "with us" but ensuring that "it was time to start the spring of recovery" and the Fallas embodied that positive "recovery spirit" both financially and mentally. So they will be some "safe failures but as many failures as possible".

We will have to wait to find out the details of the festive protocol, but due to what was transferred both by Puig and by the regional secretary of Public Health, Isaura Navarro, the mascletas as we knew them, without capacity control and one for each day of March from the 1st to the 19th, but with a "mandatory" mask since it is an agglomeration and this is foreseen in the state norm. The same will happen with other acts such as castles or when you attend to see the Offering although, yes, the participants will not have to wear it. In general, it will not be necessary for any of the members in "ordered" parades as Navarro has explained, like the entrances of Moors or offerings where there is an organized parade. They will have to take it, for example, in the Pilgrimage to Magdalena.

In the protocol, according to Navarro, the peculiarities of each party have been taken into account and the rules have been adapted to each act.

There will be no capacity control in the mascletás, castles or in the Offering. Edward Ripoll

The houses, pending the change in regulations

The festive groups and groups will continue to be linked to the regulations that apply at that time to the restoration. At this time still there is access control by covid certificate (if there are going to be acts in which there is food and drink), tables with a maximum of 10 diners, mask indoors and cross ventilation. If the Fallas were to be held today, the closed houses would have to apply all the rules, but according to the presidentnext week the regulations that are in force will be reviewed and, "if everything continues on the same horizon" of lowering the pandemic as now "The current restrictions will be substantially lowered." This means that, as Navarro has recalled, in Fallas it is more than possible that the maximum number of people per table and the covid certificate have fallen and the mask and the need to guarantee cross ventilation would be maintained, although we will have to wait.

Yes, the recommendation is maintained that the tents work as much as possible in "open air" mode, that is, with two open sides all the time to ensure ventilation. If you choose to close them, the interior regulations would have to be applied. Like last year, the figure of "covid managers" is maintained in each festive organization to apply recommendations, standards and resolve doubts.

fear of spikes

On the possibility that making a few near-normal failures might lead to a new wave of coronavirus, the president He has recalled that the more contacts there are, the more infections but that, now, there were "some different conditions". "If we remain prudent we can begin a transition to normality. It's time to start the recovery. It is very opportune that these Fallas are celebrated but each one from co-responsibility and prevention", said Puig.

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