May 16, 2021

Some 500 affected receive medical attention after the flooding of a drainage in Lima

Some 500 affected receive medical attention after the flooding of a drainage in Lima

Some 500 people received medical attention in Lima after the flooding of sewage in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, which has generated an environmental emergency in the area today due to the risk of diseases in one of the most populated municipalities of the capital of Peru. .

Since last Sunday, when the drainage system in the urbanization Las Violetas broke and caused the discharge of sewage, the Ministry of Health has provided medical attention in ambulances and medical posts around the affected area, where it has been registered 2,000 victims of damages in 200 houses.

13% of the attentions have been for minor injuries (bumps and falls), 3% for diarrheal diseases and 6% for respiratory diseases due to contamination by wastewater, informed the director of Risk Management of Disasters and National Defense of the Ministry of Health, Mónica Meza.

Tetanus vaccination has also been carried out on 150 affected people who have wounds or have had contact with waste water.

"In this second stage, we have mobilized medicines to provide care to patients with chronic diseases," such as diabetics, Meza reported Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health launched the Yellow Alert to reduce health risks by epidemiological alert in health facilities and ambulances installed in the affected area.

The wastewater discharged into the area comes from domestic and industrial drains that when mixed contain organic materials, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, pathogens, oils and fats, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals, which represent a risk to the health of people, He explained the ministerial resolution that declared the environmental emergency in the area.

The document published in the official newspaper El Peruano added that the declaration of a health emergency is for a period of 45 days, during which the Immediate Action Plan and Short Term will be carried out for the care in the affected area.

Yesterday, the Minister of Housing, Javier Piqué, reported that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, immersed in a corruption scandal in the region, installed the drainage pipeline that this weekend collapsed and produced the flooding of wastewater.

"(This pipe was installed by) the construction of Metro Line 1, which was Odebrecht," Piqué said on Channel N television.

He added that authorities and the state water and sewerage company Sedapal will excavate in the area and determine the quality of the material used in the pipeline to "specify responsibilities."

The emergency occurred this Sunday in a sector of the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, with more than 1 million inhabitants, after a sewage pipe threw wastewater that, in some points, reached a height of 1.5 meters, what left some houses totally flooded.

This led to the intervention of firefighters, police and municipal personnel of the district, who worked to rescue the neighbors who were trapped in their homes and took them to shelters installed by the municipality and temporary lodgings.


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