Some 49,851 national travelers have arrived with a negative PCR at Canary airports

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands reports that 49,851 passengers have arrived at Canarian airports from Spanish territory with negative diagnostic test for Covid-19, which represents 85 percent of the total. The control of travelers, which remains in effect until January 10, was established on December 18 with the entry into force of the Order relating to screening to contain the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, to passengers who enter the Canary Islands from the rest of the national territory, by air or sea.

For this, the Ministry of Health established checkpoints in the six airports that operate with domestic flights so that all passengers arriving in the Canary Islands from other autonomous communities can present the diagnostic test certificate upon arrival in the islands. Total, Since December 18, 461 flights from the national territory have reached the islands.

A total of 160 travelers, of which 156 were residents of the Canary Islands, who performed the diagnostic tests for active infection at source and in the laboratories with which the SCS has entered into an agreement, tested positive for the same. Of the 160 diagnostic tests for active infection that were positive, 146 were by PCR and 16 by antigen detection test. All positive cases were indicated isolation and did not travel to the destination. Likewise, a total of 73 positive cases were registered in the tests carried out at the destination, keeping the corresponding isolation.

Travelers who do not present the certificate upon arrival are identified, registered and ordered to perform isolation at home until a negative result of a diagnostic test is obtained at destination.

Free trial

The Ministry of Health recalls that until January 10, travelers residing in the Canary Islands who are going to return to the islands can carry out the free diagnostic test in Eurofins Megalab centers, implanted throughout the peninsular territory, arranged by the Canary Islands Health Service for this purpose. To do this, you must make an appointment at the laboratory closest to the address where you are going to go or at 911 087 080. The traveler must present the printed supporting documents at the time of the test (downloadable test voucher at website, photocopy of DNI or residence certificate and photocopy of proof of flight to the Islands).

Proof of the test

The supporting documentation of the test It must be the original, written in Spanish, in QR, paper or electronic format and must indicate the name of the traveler, passport or ID number, date of the test, identification and contact information of the authorized health center that performs the test , technique used and negative test result. In the case of antigen tests, it must also reflect the homologated specificity and sensitivity.

Interested parties or laboratories, prior express authorization of those interested, will send the analytical results electronically to the Canary Islands Health Service, at the address [email protected], prior to their arrival in the Canary Islands. In the cases of express authorization for data processing, the submission of the results will be the obligation of the laboratories. In the cases in which said express authorization is not granted, the submission of the results will be the obligation of the interested parties, who must send the supporting documentation of the test to the indicated email address, stating in the subject of the email the number flight or crossing and the date of arrival of the same.

Carrying out the test at destination

At exceptional assumption If the passenger has not carried out the diagnostic test in the 72 hours prior to arrival, it must be isolated at their residence and carried out within 72 hours of arrival, and the result must be sent to the SCS, through the authorized mail. The isolation must be maintained until obtaining and remission of a negative diagnostic test or, where appropriate, epidemiological discharge. Residents can take this test free of charge, for which they should call 900 112 061.

Those who do not perform the PDIA, must keep isolation in their residence for 10 days and are exposed to the sanction provided.


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