June 21, 2021

Some 300,000 Germans support the class action lawsuit against Volkswagen

Some 300,000 Germans support the class action lawsuit against Volkswagen

The first class action lawsuit filed in Germany against Volkswagen over the scandal of the handling of emissions now totals some 300,000 users of cars with diesel engines, according to the weekly "Der Spiegel".

According to that publication, up to December 28, a total of 294,000 owners of affected automobiles of that manufacturer had been registered, an amount that was increased with the new additions in the following three days.

On 31 December, the deadline for joining the demand expired, the weekly continues, which refers to the information provided by a spokesperson of the competent Justice Department in that case.

The initiative for this demand, the first of these characteristics promoted in Germany, was formalized on November 1 and was organized by the Consumers Association, with the support of the German motoring club ADAC, the largest in the country.

Its objective was to establish whether those affected are entitled to compensation and if the company should assume the damages caused by the manipulation of the software of the diesel engines.

In the event that the courts decide that this is the case, it will be for those affected to individually demand compensation or to reach an agreement between the parties.

The registry was opened in November and from then on, each affected person could register on the list without any cost or the need for a lawyer. With their inscription in the registry, the affected ones avoided that their claims prescribed.

The demand was oriented to owners of vehicles of the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda brands with EA 189 diesel engines of 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 liters.

These models were equipped with an illegal disconnection device that forced their call to workshops by the Federal Office of Motor Vehicles (KBA) in Germany or equivalent authorities in other European countries.


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