Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Some 25 hooded assault a Menas center in Castelldefels | Catalonia

Some 25 hooded assault a Menas center in Castelldefels | Catalonia

A center that since last December has hosted 35 Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA) in Castelldefels (Barcelona) was assaulted yesterday. Some 25 hooded people, according to police sources and the Generalitat, broke into the facilities, broke furniture and threw stones at minors and educators, who were forced to lock themselves up so as not to be attacked.

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One of the young men in charge had to be transferred to the hospital in Viladecans, according to those same sources. The police are still investigating whether it was the result of a fall down the stairs or the beating of people who broke into the center. Two educators were treated for minor bruises, as reported by the Department of Social Affairs and Family Affairs, which has indicated that before the attack there was a discussion between children returning alone to the center and a group of young people from the municipality, who threw them stones

Today the incidents have been repeated when a group of some sixty people, among them some of those who participated yesterday in the violent attack, have again gathered in front of the juvenile center at six thirty in the afternoon. They have thrown stones against the place and the Mossos They have had to intervene. The director of the Directorate General of Child and Adolescent Care (DGAiA), Ester Cabanes, has moved to the place.

The Cal Ganxo hostel, which belongs to Fundesplai and has hosted MENA's since at least December, is far from the town center. The intervention of the Catalan police has caused the demonstrators to disperse on the mountain and then return to the place. At eight thirty in the afternoon, the police have managed to control the situation. The DGAiA has decided to transfer the minors to another center in Santa Maria del Mar de Coma-ruga, according to sources familiar with what happened, something that the Generalitat has not confirmed.

The City Council of Castelldefels ensures that the transfer of the hostel to the Generalitat was done outside the municipal institution. In December they learned "by chance" that they were in place, and two weeks ago they made a requirement to the facilities to "continue with the environmental activities" for which they are licensed, according to a municipal spokesman. The shelter is a center for environmental activities.

The Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Chakir el Homrani, has regretted what happened: "This type of violent attacks have no place in our society and are detestable because they are violent, intolerable because they are unfair and totally contrary to the majority sense of society. Catalan ". The Homrani added that the Govern will appear as a private accusation against the aggressors and that it will report what happened before the Prosecutor's Office for hate crimes.

On Tuesday, a person entered armed with a machete in another juvenile center, in this case in Canet de Mar (Barcelona). The Mossos detained him for the threats, without anyone being injured. Days before several people demonstrated in front of the center, accusing the minors of being responsible for the increase in robberies in the place.


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