Some 2,300 children of the caravan of immigrants need help, according to Unicef

Some 2,300 children of the caravan of immigrants need help, according to Unicef

Some 2,300 children who travel with the caravan of Central American immigrants and who are in southern Mexico need protection and access to essential services, according to Unicef ​​today.

"The long and difficult journey has exposed children to inclement weather, including dangerous high temperatures, with limited access to shelter, some already sick or suffering from dehydration," said Marixie Mercado, spokesperson for Unicef, at a press conference. .

The spokesperson specified that many of the children and their families are fleeing from gang violence, gender violence, extortion, poverty and limited access to quality education and social services in their countries of origin.

"Sadly, these conditions are part of the daily life of millions of children in the region." Every day, families facing these conditions have to make the difficult decision to leave their homes, communities and countries in search of security and a more hopeful future. "Mercado said.

The spokeswoman said that while those who are traveling together think they are safe, "the dangers of using irregular migratory routes are still significant.The road is long and full of dangers, including the risk of exploitation, violence and abuse."

Questioned Market on whether it has data on those risks, said not to have the information at the moment.

"Unicef ​​reiterates its call to all governments to give priority to the best interests of children in the application of immigration laws, to keep families together, and to find alternatives to the detention of children," concluded Mercado.

According to the estimates of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), some 9,300 people crossed the border between Guatemala and Mexico between October 19 and 22.


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