Some 12,000 people demonstrate in Sabadell (Barcelona) in support of the seven arrested CDRs

The protest has begun at 6 pm in front of the Courts of Sabadell and has passed through the streets of the city to the City Hall, where a manifesto has been read.

Protesters have marched under the motto 'Freedom. The repression will not stop us ', and with banners like' Let them go. Outside the occupation forces ',' Enough repression. Enough of police assemblies. Freedom'.

There have also been shouts of 'Out of the occupation forces', 'They are not terrorists, they are independentistas' and 'Freedom political prisoners'.


The Vice President of Òmnium Cultural, Marcel Mauri, has criticized the "will to criminalize independence" and has asked for freedom for detainees and for the State to stop using repression, in his words.

The spokesman for the Freedom Detentidas 23S support platform has read the manifesto, in which he has criticized the "violation of the rights of defense, manipulations and pressures and isolation" of the seven detainees, which he says is reminiscent of the anti-terrorism law .

He has claimed his immediate release and the case file, and has claimed that you are behind the arrests is "the repressive machinery of the State, desperate to stop independence."

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