May 17, 2021

Some 11,000 people are unaware that they carry HIV in the Dominican Republic

Some 11,000 people are unaware that they carry HIV in the Dominican Republic

Some 67,000 people living with HIV live in the Dominican Republic, and there is still "a large gap of 11,000 more who do not know that they live with this condition," said Deputy Minister of Collective Health of the country, Héctor Maceo Quezada Ariza.

The official offered this information at a commemorative event to mark the World Day of HIV / AIDS, which is commemorated every December 1, and to support the global campaign "Live life positively, know your state", as well as the motto of the Republic Dominicana "Take the Test".

These initiatives promote that people know their serological status and that the population can perform, free of charge, the HIV test in previously identified places.

Currently, some 56,000 Dominicans benefit from the care, control, treatment and medicines offered through the networks of services made available to HIV-positive people by health authorities, he said.

In addition, different sectors of the population are working together with the purpose of reducing this gap to allow people to obtain quality care.

For his part, the director of the Office for the Reorganization of Transportation (Opret), Manuel Antonio Saleta García, explained that the "Get the Test" campaign will be carried out simultaneously in the nine stations of the Santo Domingo Metro.

"It is a novel campaign that seeks to guide the population on the issue of HIV / AIDS and raise awareness about the importance of timely care to those who are carriers of the virus," he said.

The World Day of the Fight against AIDS is commemorated on the first of December of each year, and is dedicated to publicizing the advances against the HIV / AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

It was commemorated for the first time on December 1, 1988 and, since then, the agencies of the United Nations, governments and all sectors of civil society are united around the world in this day.


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