July 5, 2020

Solunion – Branded Content La Razón

The stability of companies, both large corporations and SMEs, is conditioned by a multitude of external agents that directly influence the future becoming. "Any mismatch or imbalance in the development of the world economy has an impact on the business sector and, at times like the current one, commercial uncertainty increases," says Laurent Treilhes, General Director of Solunion Spain.

Specifically, aspects such as high price volatility, a tendency towards more restrictive tariff policies by large commercial powers and the political instability existing in the different world regions, directly impact the continuity of a business.

Finally, the result may vary depending on the situation and the specific context where the company develops its commercial activity. “This translates in many ways. Some businesses, given a panorama like the current one, renew their strategy in search of new growth paths, either in products and services, or through new markets, starting their activity in foreign markets. ”

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