March 6, 2021

Solidarity support to Saint John of God

The Anfi Group reinforces its commitment to those most in need and celebrates a decade of helping San Juan de Dios. The company continues with a firm pulse its actions of corporate social responsibility and renews its solidarity support with the Hospital Order despite the period of uncertainty that the pandemic has caused.

“Anfi is a company that has remained, remains and will remain alongside those most in need,” explains José Luis Trujillo, CEO of Grupo Anfi. “We know, first-hand, how the health crisis is hitting all levels of society and that is why we once again take a step forward to be with the most disadvantaged” continues Trujillo, who was accompanied on his visit to San Juan of God by the superior brother of the Hospitaller Order, Rafael Cenizo, and the manager of the institution, Lorenzo Esma.

“All the help we receive, even doses of affection, are very well received”, says Cenizo, who recalls “the beautiful work of companies and volunteers like Anfi who are part of this great family that makes up San Juan de Dios.”


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