Solidarity in the shape of a banana

On October 16, this initiative began at the gates of the Central Market of Las Palmas and was extended to the rest of the island’s municipalities. This was reported by the manager of the El Pilar-Farray Business Association, Beatriz Pestana, while clarifying that An approximate of 12,000 euros has already been collected throughout the campaign Itinerant in which the 21 business associations that make up Fecoeca participate. “Today there are other colleagues in San Bartolomé de Tirajana and the idea is that when it ends, we can give the collection to La Palma trees”, said Pestana, while clarifying that not only do they offer bananas, but they have added some T-shirts with the message: “We don’t forget you pretty” next to the map of La Palma that are for sale.

For his part, the president of Fecoeca, Nauzet Martín, added that the initiative was born after seeing “the images of a palm worker carrying a banana sleeve under the ashes” that was spread by social networks. “As a result of that image, we began to think about how to display the fruit to get donations. It was the promoters who turned the campaign around and the initiative of a banana for one euro came out to help those of La Palma », he assured. Likewise, he clarified that they have made some 300 t-shirts for the campaign, of which they have been widely accepted. The last tent will be installed on November 27 in Schamann because they want to deliver all the money as quickly as possible and before Christmas, although they do not rule out making one in Valsequillo in mid-December. Likewise, the updates of the campaign will be published on Fecoeca’s social networks.

The president of the Neighborhood Association of the Neighborhood of Guanarteme and Chile, Pepi González, sent a “solidarity hug” to La Palma trees, while adding that “Neighbors and businessmen together make a better neighborhood.” González, whose association is collaborating with this initiative, added that they also enliven the tent with performances by the tuna from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Piratas del Caribe Show Band, as well as other groups.

When it was 10:30 a.m., people interested in collaborating with the victims began to arrive one by one, both Gran Canaria and tourists were attracted by the T-shirts and baskets of bananas accompanied by the messages of: “Eat a banana on La Palma”.

The place was also approached by a palm tree that resides in Gran Canaria but has his entire family living on Isla Bonita, who have lost everything because their homes, wineries and banana trees were in the areas that the volcano reached. María Isneida Gil Simón thanked the organizers for the support they provide to those affected by La Palma. «I was born in Todoque in 1956 and grew up until I was nine in El Paraíso. My family has lost everything, they have been left with one hand in front and the other behind because they lived in Las Manchas, El Pampillo and many other places affected by lava flows. This volcano has done a lot of damage, it went out where it did the most damage, ”he lamented through tears. “I know that the Canaries are not going to forget La Palma but I ask that the rest of Spain and Europe be with the Isla Bonita at this time,” he said, while asking for help to arrive as soon as possible. The woman took the opportunity to sing a song composed by her that describes the entire natural disaster that has occurred in her town.

Andrea Gómez and Lucía Pérez, mother and daughter respectively, were in the capital on vacation since they are from Valencia and after walking through Las Canteras they decided to go to the tent to collaborate with La Palma trees “because a lot of help is needed.”


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