May 18, 2021

Solari undertakes the regeneration of Madrid | sports

Solari undertakes the regeneration of Madrid | sports

A little by accident, another little by conviction, more executive than all his predecessors of the route drawn by the directive, Santiago Solari has undertaken a regeneration in front of Madrid. Completed this Saturday against Valencia (2-0) his seventh game as coach of the first team, the players appointed to champion the succession of Cristiano three months ago now play the same roles of distribution that once, or have been postponed in favor of others, most young people from the quarry. Sponsored by Dani Carvajal, a Madridista from alevín, they get bigger Llorente, Reguilón, Valverde and even Ceballos. That another veteran of the quarry, Lucas Vázquez, alias Pillory, put the final 2-0, does not seem casual but perfectly logical.

"It's weird," said Ceballos, when asked about the influx of new faces in the midfield, "but there are young people who come pressing behind who make it difficult for the starters. I am very happy for Llorente, for Fede [Valverde] and for me. Solari is managing the minutes very well. It makes the headlines tighten and we are in good dynamics ".

The victory against Valencia was not as important for the game offered as for the relief of elections that add pressure on players of hierarchy. The first change, by itself, was symbolic in every detail. In the 63rd minute, no less, Solari took out Gareth Bale, who has accumulated ten unmarked games in the league and left the field under a rain of unprecedented whistles for the Welshman. In his place he did not put a meritorious one but Marco Asensio, player who, until recently, from the own box they indicated not as to a promise but like one of the consolidated realities of the new Madrid. Nobody in the club ignores that it was Asensio himself who last summer called announcing that he had a Liverpool offer of more than 100 million euros, and that if they did not give him more importance in Madrid he would prefer to accept it. Today Asensio has returned to the box of exit.

The dismissal of Julen Lopetegui on October 29, at the end of the day of the classic, was the first explicit recognition by the board of directors that the sports project designed in summer was based on ill-founded ideas. The next game of the League, on November 3 against Valladolid in Chamartín, Real Madrid strategists reached the conviction that not only had to change the coach to re-launch a stalled team. The victory against Valladolid (2-0) relieved the fans but the game was so bad that it alarmed the analysts of the technical commission, for once in total harmony with Florentino Pérez. Against the summer vision of the president, neither Bale, nor Benzema, nor Asensio could seriously aspire to achieve gold balls once untied of the chains that, presumably, imposed Cristiano. The regeneration had to have other protagonists.

In consensus with the board

In front of the order of the original planning the unexpected natural order prevails. Solari managed it with skill. When asked about the words of Asensio, who first said that when he was only 22 years old he could not "pull the car" and then he resigned and applied to assume all the responsibilities, the technician sent a subtle warning: "The only statements that The players are interested in what they do on the court. " Asensio returned to start in Ipurúa and the win against (3-0) exposed his true state of mind. Solari changed it for Vinicius in the 73rd minute and he has not started again.

The injuries of Marcelo and Kroos, medical losses after training on Friday, altered the alignment planned against Valencia but gave depth to the new idea. In the absence of the accuracy with which they play the headlines, Reguilón made an exhibition of defensive ardor against Soler and Ceballos completed a display of markings and unchecks that would have fatigued Toni Kroos just look at them.

Solari acts in consensus with the board but is exposed to the public. The replacement of Modric by Valverde in the 70th minute, put the coach in a position of fragility. With the score 1-0 against Valencia, at a time when the match needed experts, withdraw the first contender to the Golden Ball to incorporate the Uruguayan midfielder, just 20 years ago, implied something unthinkable just a month ago, before of the march of Lopetegui, and before the leaders of the club allowed themselves to be persuaded by the harsh reality of the competition.

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