September 19, 2020

Solari: «To Melilla, with two balls»

Solari: «To Melilla, with two balls»

Solari has trained this morning to the first team of Madrid, has given his press conference and tomorrow he opens as coach in the Copa del Rey against Melilla. His first impression of the template is that he needs to recover: "The team is hurt, obviously, but eager to start and reverse the situation, is a group of champions, warriors, the situation is not the easiest, but they feel like to refute it ", were his first words as coach of Real Madrid." This moment is delicate and that's when you see the character ". He knows that, for now, his time on the bench is provisional. "We are all passing through life and in this profession, with more reason, everything goes very fast. The important thing is what we do every day and the illusion that we put to it. What you do in every workout, in every game, every move, every minute. " Yes, he has recognized that it is a great opportunity. "It's a great satisfaction, this is a beautiful job: I played, I sweated the shirt like many others. Madrid surpasses us all and includes us all. "He has been asked if he considers himself a new Zidane:" Zizou is one of the greatest figures in Madrid, you can not describe it. It is better to leave it there, calm in its greatness, and not to devote ourselves to compare, because it is incomparable ".

Solari is a man who expresses himself very well, but on his first day he has preferred to be discreet and not leave the present. "We will go from day to day". "Have you talked to Lopetegui?" "That belongs to the private sphere," he said. He does not want to look beyond, only tomorrow's game. "In Melilla we are going to play with two balls", he said in a very expressive way. You will go with many players of the subsidiary, especially defense, because you are missing and with Vinicius. "Vini is one more player in the squad, just like the rest. He is very young, very talented, he has a lot to learn and a lot to give. Now and in the future "


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