August 3, 2020

Solari does not give the league for lost

A pity! This is how Solari started his press conference after losing in front of Girona. The white coach regretted this setback after so many good matches and now they will have to paddle again to cut the disadvantage with those that precede him in the standings. "We lost points, the direct rivals won and moved away, we were on a good run and now we will have to continue striving but we have three more points away", assured Solari, who considers that yes that could affect your kids everything they had done the previous weeks. "The wear is physical, mental, concentration … There are many factors and we come from many tough matches that we have overcome and it may be that it took its toll in the second half," he acknowledged before praising his rival. "It's football and there is always an opponent who plays and has done well, he did not leave the game when we dominated him and then he was forceful when he attacked, we lacked the lucidity and the energy to be deep and make another goal".

"Ramos, occupational hazards"

So the technician defined the expulsion of his captain for a double yellow and also very brief was when asked about Marcelo's performance. "Well, it was good", he summarized

Nine points

This is the distance that Barcelona has over the white team in the classification, a setback that does not change Solari's plans. "The League is not lost at all, we will continue fighting on all the fronts that we have open, next weekend we will have a match and we will continue to try to win to re-cut".


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