Solari: "Bale must eat the stage every time he plays" - La Provincia

Solari: "Bale must eat the stage every time he plays" - La Provincia

The coach of Real Madrid, Santiago Solari, has assured that the improvement of Welsh Gareth Bale He goes through "eat the stage every time he plays," and has said that the team must continue to show "the seriousness, commitment, order and hunger" of the previous games in the "hard" meeting on Sunday against the RC Celtic in Balaídos (20.45 hours).

"I liked it everywhere. It has conditions to play anywhere, started from the left back. What Gareth has to do is eat the stage every time he plays, as against Viktoria Plzen, "he said at the pre-match press conference.

In addition, the Argentine coach came out in defense of the central Sergio Ramos after the elbow that he gave to a rival in the duel of the Champions League against Viktoria Plzen (0-5). "Our captain is a brave and honest man. All of us who play football know that it is a contact sport, that disputing a ball those situations are part of the job, "he said.

"No one's nose is more fractured than Sergio Ramos, he fractured it three times, there's no bad intention, he always plays clean, of course there are punches, this is a contact sport," he added about the Camas defender.

Before the "hard" clash against the Galicians, the Madrid coach asked to maintain "the seriousness, commitment, order, hunger and the desire to score." "We have to always try to repeat it," he said. "I feel the commitment and the seriousness that they are putting in each of the parties"he continued.

In this sense, he warned of the danger of entrusting himself after three consecutive victories. "Back to the The league away from home is complicated, with a very difficult game against an opponent who does things well. We must be as serious as in previous games to bring things from there. I see them wanting to bring us the points. We all play it, everyone in his role is committed so that we do well, "he said.

"Something that the player never does is underestimate any opponent, all the games have to be played and things done well, I do not relinquish importance to the work done in the three previous matches," he added.

However, Solari did not want to talk about his future or whether a win against the Vigo could make him pass from interim to coach confirmed until the end of the season. "Each match is final, for many things, because if you lose points you can not recover. It is good that everyone gets involved in the next game. Our function is to think about facing the next match with the maximum concentration, "he said.

"Keylor is a man"

On the other hand, explained that Isco, who did not start from the last two meetings of the team, continues to recover its form to be "one hundred percent." "We know about the quality of Isco and how special he is in his position, he's training to get to the top, he came out of a delicate operation and is training with the others to get one hundred percent," he said.

Nor did he refuse to talk about goalkeeper Keylor Navas, whom Lopetegui reserved the Champions League and that Solari decided to sit in favor of Thibaut Courtois against the Czech side. "If I have spoken or do not correspond to our privacy, Keylor is a gentleman, strong, a man of faith, he has behaved perfectly. He is very loved in the locker room. They know very well what it is if I work, "he said.


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