July 8, 2020

Solar kitchens, free churros and other things that have not been told about the Climate Summit

Exit gun to the Climate Summit. At five o'clock in the morning the fairground of Ifema was already fully operational. You had to prepare armchairs, trees, churros and apples. Design environments and free food. No one euro has been spared for this climate summit.

This first day has not been a day of great activity. Many empty rooms, so many delegates exchanging cards and taking selfies while Sánchez, Pelosi, Gutiérrez occupied the stage. One of the most nourished delegations in Africa comes from Kenya. There are also Peruvian indigenous feminists. There is an activist who has come, by land, from Japan, it has taken a month to reach Madrid, but she is not as lucky or famous as Greta Thunberg. Trips by boat, train and bus in third class have been calculated as working time.

Through the halls, between the booths of the different delegations, a Madrid could trip over solar cookers, robots for the investigation of the seabed and also a group that supports nuclear energy as a solution to CO². Meanwhile, in the hallway that separates the pavilions of the Madrid Fair, the fast food restaurant was still active.


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