February 27, 2021

Sol Carnicero receives the 2020 ‘Woman of Cinema’ Award at the Gijón International Film Festival

The production director Sol Carnicero will receive the 2020 ‘Mujer de Cine’ Award, an award that vindicates and makes visible the work of women in the film industry and is awarded by the Mujeres de Cine platform.

Men direct and women take care of costumes: this is (still) the gender gap in Spanish cinema

Men direct and women take care of costumes: this is (still) the gender gap in Spanish cinema

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It will be delivered to you by the filmmaker Cecilia Bartolomé and Ana Palacios, the director of the Mujeres de Cine platform, next Friday, November 27, within the framework of the 58th edition of the Gijón International Film Festival.

In its different editions, Josefina Molina, Cecilia Bartolomé, Carmen Frías, Yvonne Blake, Katrina Bayonas, Mercedes Sampietro, Isabel Coixet, Esther García and Cristina Huete have been awarded the ‘Cine Mujer’ Award.

More than 50 years of trade endorse Carnicero, a professional with an “extensive and exceptional” career in Palacios’ words, who will receive this award in collaboration with the Film Academy, of which she was the promoter and of whose Board of Directors she is a member.

Sol Carnicero has participated in more than twenty titles, many of them essential in the history of our cinema, in the production of great television shows, has been a teacher in various film schools, is focused on audiovisual literacy in Primary Education and is a coordinator by the Film Academy of the ‘Berlanga Year’ program.

She began her career at Televisión Española – she was secretary of production, script and assistant director at Stories for not sleepingr, Thirty-five million Spaniards Y One, two, three, answer again, among other programs. In the world of cinema he debuted with The residence and she was the first woman in Spain to assume the direction of a film production: Let’s go, Barbara (1977), directed by Cecilia Bartolomé.

The national shotgun, National Heritage, National III, The heifer, Gary Cooper who art in heaven, Cuenca crime, We talk this night, The riders of the Dawn, Two-step Y Shear -For the last two she was nominated for the Goya, a prize she got for Chard face– are some of the films in his filmography, to which are added television productions and shows such as the Universal Exhibition of Seville EXPO 92 and the gala ‘100 years of Spanish Cinema’.

Author of the book A man of cinema: Tedy Villalba, Carnicero has also collaborated in the development of two volumes of the literary series Academy Notebooks and in the Spanish Cinematographic Dictionary (SGAE).

The delivery can be followed through the networks of the Gijón Festival, Mujeres de Cine and the institution chaired by Mariano Barroso.


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