Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Sofia Suescun, very worried about her brother Cristian

One more night, ‘Saturday Deluxe’ has landed on Telecinco. Sofia Suescun has visited tonight the program presented by Jorge Javier Vazquez, ready to face all the fronts that have open: Gloria Camila, Diego Matamoros, Rocío Flores and, how could it be otherwise, Bethlehem Esteban.

It is no secret that Sofia Suescun Y Bethlehem Esteban They don’t like each other. They have been throwing things in their faces for weeks and criticizing each other from television programs. She and the collaborator have seen their faces tonight for the first time after their sounded fierce television.


Belen He has confessed that he did not want to star in any confrontation with Sofia. However, it has been inevitable. “I don’t like you, Bethlehem. I don’t like you but I want to make it clear that I have nothing against you. I just want to say that as a public character you are I can talk about you. I have no fear for you ”. In addition, he has assured that Belén is “More seen than comics”.

On the other hand, Sofia Suescun He has also talked about his brother and we remember that Cristian Suescun He jumped into the media arena to tell the true ordeal he is living and talk about his bad relationship with his mother.


“My mother is very strict and she feels a kind of rejection for the life my brother leads”has confessed Sofia unable to avoid showing the discomfort caused by the issue and making it clear that, in this matter, he leans a little towards his mother although he wants “the best” for his brother.

In addition, the winner of ‘Survivors 2018’ He has confessed that his brother “worries” him: “I would love to have a life like mine, healthier, more orderly. My brother has a series of habits and has a life that my mother does not share, he leads a very uncontrolled life and she is tense ”. He has finished making it clear that “there are enough reasons” so that Maite and Cristian “get along”.


On the other hand, Jorge Javier has shown Sofia some unpublished images of ‘The discount time’ where you can see that Kiko Jimenez Y Estela Grande they demonstrate again the complicity they had during the program of ‘GH VIP 7’.

The answer of Suescun It has been surprising: “I know that Kiko likes Estela”, he has confessed. Nevertheless, Sofia has recognized that he has learned that “You can like another person, no matter how in love you are and that nobody is from anyone”. However, she says she “doesn’t care” and that she trusts herself and her feelings. “I am learning to have a healthier relationship”, has clarified.

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