Sofia Ellar debuts in the Canary Islands in April - La Provincia

Sofia Ellar debuts in the Canary Islands in April - La Provincia

Mix british and Spanish Sofia Ellar, a subtle singer of 25 years with two self-produced discs in the market, reaches Canary Islands in April in two appointments that will take place in Tenerife and in Gran Canaria. Ellar debuts on the Islands; will act on Thursday, April 11 at the Auditorium of the University of La Laguna and the next day (Friday 12) in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Both events already have tickets for sale through Tomaticket and at the physical box office (for Tenerife) and in (for Gran Canaria).

With only 25 years, this singer-songwriter and composer, is demonstrating that you can manage a musical career in a completely independent way even if it implies a job - not only as an artist but also as an entrepreneur and manager of your own project - perhaps more pure and genuine or not so in the light of the guidelines or industry influences. He has released two albums, Sixpence (2017), of which the tongue twister has stood out Antiquarian love or Second parts between suicides, Y Note in C (2018).

The Sofia Ellar project, whose success is based on social networks like Instagram (with 253,000 followers), Spotify (with an average of 400,000 listeners per month and some songs accumulating more than seven million listeners, such as Second parts between suicides) Y Youtube, arose as a result of the work of End of Degree that Sofia elaborated as a culmination to her career Business Management.

That was the beginning but she is the first surprised of the fruits she is picking up from the surprising celerity that the networks provoke towards her music. In this journey of effort and dedication that began at a very young age, Sofia and her guitar they have become a new musical phenomenon, fresh and different, willing to grow and evolve with a public as faithful and grateful as she tries to be.

He has nothing against record companies, but for now he is experimenting with making his songs with the support of digital age tools. "Before, you depended on the support of a label for the promotion, but now we are in the digital era and technology is available to anyone, so everyone can record a disc and self-promote with almost zero euros. I do not say of this water I will not drink, because I have very good relationship with the three biggest record labels of Spain, but at the moment I'm experimenting ".

After your sold out (all sold) in rooms as well known as the Joy Eslava or The Riviera in the capital or Razzmatazz in Barcelona, ​​as well as Galicia, Castellón and other places, Sofia is in the middle of tour promoting her second album. In addition, he has toured the stages of many cities throughout the Spanish territory, even entering the world of festivals, playing in some as prestigious as the Starlite (Marbella), with a solo poster, or Garden of delights (Madrid) sharing the stage with groups like Sidecars or Beret.

'Six Pennies' and 'Note on C'

Of enormous subtlety but with race, Sofia learned to sing before speaking, and as soon as she had the opportunity she began to write letters that came to mind in a notebook; lyrics that soon transformed into songs. In February 2017 he released his debut album Sixpencewhose single Second parts between suicides came to occupy the second place of popularity in Spotify. His international influence as a Spanish artist born in London has led him to write songs in English as Ahead of us, Spanish little place, Boots and cats or Fire of fame.

A year later -in February 2018- he presented his Second job Note in do, with which, from the hand of his first album, is going around Spain.


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