Sofía Cristo talks about the romance between Bárbara Rey and Bigote Arrocet

This Tuesday an unexpected and very surprising news has emerged related to two very popular faces of the pink press. Arrocet Mustache Y Barbara Rey They could have started a love affair, according to Infolujo. 'The Ana Rosa program' has collected the information this morning, on which the daughter of the star has also spoken, Sophia Christ.

The news has impacted on the set of the morning magazine of Telecinco, leaving speechless Patricia Pardo: "I am dead." Joaquin Prat, who has named Bárbara Rey and Mustache Arrocet as "the star couple of Christmas", explained that the two were together last night at a party: "It seems that both have confirmed that relationship." "I am very happy because love has no age, knows no barriers and comes into your life when you least expect it," he said.

The program has chatted with Clara Tena, the businesswoman who organized the event, to find out more details about the meeting. "Seeing Edmundo happy was very great. Incredible magic was breathed, Barbara is wonderful," he admitted in a telephone conversation with a space editor: "They are very discreet and we don't go into that kind of detail. I can only convey to you that we live magical moments all the assistants ". Apparently, the two have known each other for many years and have always had a very good relationship.

Sofía Cristo, who coincided with Mustache Arrocet in the house of 'Secret Story', He has contacted Cristina Tárrega to clarify that it is a friendship relationship: "He has told me that they have known each other for many years and that they are only friends." "My mother has not communicated it to me and she misses me because we told each other everything," the DJ confessed during her conversation with the collaborator.


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