July 4, 2020

Social Security registers its worst November since 2013 after losing 53,114 members – La Provincia

TheSocial Security closed the month of November with an average decrease of 53,114 members(-0.27%), its biggest decline in this month since 2013, when the occupation fell by almost 67,000 people.

With the decline registered in the penultimate month of the year, the total number of employed persons stood at 19,378,878 members, according to data from the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security published on Tuesday.

Work has stressed that November is a month in which they traditionally occuraffiliation cutsfor the termination of contracts in the hospitality sector. In fact, this sector contributed the most to the decline in employment in November this year, with 105,048 contributors less.

In interannual values,Membership has grown by 431,254 contributors since November 2018 (+ 2.3%), compared to the year-on-year rate of almost 2.9% in which the occupation grew a year ago, when 527,000 new jobs were exceeded.

HeGeneral RegimeIt has been the main architect of the decline in membership in November, losing 48,892 contributors (-0.3%), compared to 2,884 employed people who stopped contributing to the Autonomous Regime.

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