July 26, 2021

Social Security loses 833,979 members until the last day of March




The coronavirus crisis has destroyed 833,979 jobs until the last day of March. According to data released by the Ministry of Social Security, the effect of Covid-19 was key in the evolution of membership and until the last day of February there were 18.4 million members, when on the last day of February there were 19, 2 millions. The effect of the coronavirus has caused the average affiliation to drop by 243,469 jobs, to 19 million.

For its part, the unemployment registered in March suffered the biggest rise in its history this month. Specifically, the number of unemployed grew by 302,365 people, to 3,548,312 people.

As expected, March has been a black month for employment due to the state of alarm in Spain, which has caused an economic slowdown except for those considered essential activities. At the moment, the third month of the year becomes the worst in history in terms of employment. And we say at the moment because the statistics for March do not fully reflect those affected by ERTE due to the collapse that exists to process them. Those affected by temporary layoffs will be counted in April if everything continues as before.

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