July 7, 2020

Social Security in the Canary Islands earns 563 foreign affiliates in October – La Provincia

TheSocial Security in the Canary IslandsOctober concluded with a total of 102,277 foreign affiliates, earning 563 contributors (+ 0.55%) last month, as reported on TuesdayMinistry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

Atnational set, Social Security earned an average of 4,509 foreign contributors in October (+ 0.2%), reaching the total number of immigrants employed at 2,149,771 people.

With this rebound, theforeign affiliationit chains two consecutive months of promotions after the increase in more than 12,300 contributors registered in the month of September.

Of the total offoreign affiliatesregistered at the end of October, 1,798,918 are registered in the General Regime; 345,944 in the Autonomous; 4,859 in the Regime of the Sea, and 50 in that of Coal.
In year-on-year terms, the affiliation of foreigners grew by 139,137 contributors in October, 6.9% more.

Romanians, the most numerous

At the end of the tenth month of the year, a total of 1,276,367 foreign contributors came from non-EU countries and the rest (873,404) from countries of theEuropean Union.

Of thetotal immigrant workers affiliated with Social Security, the most numerous groups come from Romania (347,699 affiliates), Morocco (262,031), Italy (130,067) and China (108,143).

They are followed by workers from Colombia (75,995), Ecuador (74,717), United Kingdom (71,807), Venezuela (62,808), Bulgaria (62,203) and Portugal (57,379).

Catalonia and Madrid, at the head of foreign affiliation

By autonomous communities, Catalonia and Madrid continued to concentrate just over four out of ten foreigners affiliated with Social Security at the end of October, adding between them almost 45% of the total number of immigrants employed. Specifically, Catalonia had 521,048 contributing foreigners, while in Madrid the figure was 437,623.

The communities with the lowest presence of immigrants registered for Social Security at the end of October were Cantabria, with 12,918 contributors, Asturias (14,889 foreigners) and Extremadura (15,826).

In relative values, the highest monthly increases in the affiliation of foreigners occur in Extremadura (+ 8.4%), Murcia (+ 6.1%) and Castilla y León (+ 5.3%). On the contrary, in October there were declines in the Balearic Islands (-12.1%), Castilla-La Mancha (-6.7%), Aragón (-4.7%), Cantabria (-1.94%), Catalonia (-1.92%) and Asturias (-0.3%).

In interannual terms, the affiliation of foreigners increases in all the autonomous communities except in La Rioja (-0.1%). Extremadura and Galicia lead the increases, with increases higher than 10%, followed by the Basque Country, Navarra, Catalonia and Cantabria, with increases of more than 8% compared to a year earlier.

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