Social Rights mobilizes 1.2 million own funds for actions on La Palma

Social Rights mobilizes 1.2 million own funds for actions on La Palma

Social Rights mobilizes 1.2 million own funds for actions on La Palma
The province

The Ministry of Social Rights, Equality, Diversity and Youth mobilizes 1.2 million euros of own funds as one of the first measures aimed at the social reconstruction of municipalities affected by the eruption of the La Palma volcano. The area directed by Noemí Santana works in permanent coordination with the Island Council, as well as with the town councils of the affected municipalities, in a series of measures that allow these administrations to incorporate funds that have a direct impact on the neighbors who have seen affected by the volcanic eruption.

Among other measures, Social Rights will transfer a game of 900,000 euros that will be distributed among the municipalities of Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso and Tazacorte to provide greater response resources to municipal social services, which are those that are acting on the ground and know first-hand the needs of their neighbors.

In turn, while waiting for the 5 million euros to be transferred by the State for the purchase of equipment, the council of the social area of ​​the regional Executive will inject a game of 300,000 euros in this regard, trying to speed up the reconstruction process in the one that is at the moment the island of La Palma.

These measures were explained by the counselor Noemí Santana in a meeting that took place last Friday at Casa Massieu, where the Citizen Service Office has been installed. Santana met with representatives of the Cabildo and the affected municipalities to explain that this is only one of the measures that the Ministry is working on in response to the social needs that the volcano eruption is generating on the island.

Social Rights mobilizes 1.2 million own funds for actions on La Palma The province

Santana expresses that these measures would be impossible to execute if they were not done from the coordinated work between administrations, underlining the value of the work that is being carried out at the moment from the social workers of the municipalities. “This has only been the first meeting that we have held with those responsible for social services in La Palma to be able to take effective measures against the situation we are experiencing. It is clear that the municipal workers and the councilors of social services are the ones who know the best to the neighbors. Those who have done a great job at the foot of the volcano from minute zero, taking the data from the citizens. And now it’s time to give them answers. And that is what is going to be done from this office, “he said.

The counselor added that the creation of the Citizen Attention Office is an essential measure so that the affected population can find a reference space on which to guide their steps to request help or advice. “This office is very necessary for citizens to have a point of reference in which they can be guided to know what steps they should follow, for example, to get a housing alternative. Or for access to social benefits that are they are going to offer to help with the purchase of household goods. Or legal advice on what their rights are over their homes or land, “he indicated before detailing that” a multifunctional team will work here, with lawyers, psychologists, social workers, educators, professionals from the Canarian Health Service, who will be able to guide people so that soon the life they have to undertake will be as similar to what it was before the volcano erupted ”


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