July 9, 2020

social decomposition in Mexico is a sign of its cultural decline

The Mexican Catholic Church considered this Sunday that the social decomposition that the country is suffering is not the result of a single cause, such as drug trafficking or drug use, but the result of several factors and that insecurity and violence are a sign of His cultural decline.

The Archdiocese of Mexico pointed out, in the editorial of this day in the weekly From the Faith, that this decline "has to do with the failure of educational processes in their different expressions, be it formal education, through institutions, or the non-formal one that includes the family, media and the environment in general.

"It is time to recognize that the growing and unstoppable violence that Mexican society is experiencing is also a sign of its cultural decline," said the editorial entitled "Education, the antidote to violence in Mexico."

The text pointed out that together with the values ​​of the Mexican education system, forged over many years and in the midst of different styles of government "there are also serious methodological and conceptual deficiencies that result in a deficient formation of the person in their abilities and in its principles. "

So he pointed out that the underlying solution "is in a common commitment to a true education focused on the human person, their dignity and their transcendent reality."

The Archdiocese said that public policies "should be less contradictory," because on the one hand they seek the moralization of society and on the other they promote a lack of respect for life and the family.

While the state education system must train "educators as the most important characters in communication and the example of values," while families must be the privileged space where parents are the main protagonists in the education of their sons.

The Church recognized that it has had failures in many of its members, but it must recover the fidelity and authenticity of its mission.

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