Soccer player Santi Mina sentenced to four years in prison

Santi Mina, during the trial. / charles beard

The Celta striker has been found guilty of a crime of sexual abuse in 2017


The Provincial Court of Almería has sentenced Celta de Vigo footballer Santi Mina to four years in prison for sexually abusing a woman in June 2017 in the Almeria municipality of Mojácar.

The court of the Third Section acquitted David Goldar, also a footballer, against whom the Public Prosecutor's Office did not file an accusation, although the victim put him on the bench considering him a necessary cooperator.

The sentence imposes on Mina, who did not act with violence or intimidation as the prosecutor considered to qualify as a crime of sexual assault, a measure of probation for a period of five years and distance less than 500 meters for 12 years, as reported to Europe Press judicial sources, who have specified that compensation is set at 50,000 euros.

The trial was seen for sentencing after the Public Ministry made its conclusions final and interested in the sentence of eight years in prison, estimating that there was "an accumulation, a cascade" of "evidence" that proved that the Celta de Vigo had committed a sexual assault.

The defense argued that it had been proven that the complainant "gave her consent at all times" since when "she asked him to stop, he stopped as she herself confirmed" during her statement "in court" and argued that, in any case, there was a invincible type error because, according to the lawyer, "if there was no consent, of course he did not know it until he verbalized it."

For its part, the private prosecution also maintained its requests and requested a sentence for Mina and Goldar, in this case as a necessary cooperator, of nine years and six months in prison.

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