SO2 again prevents the collection of belongings and the risk of farms on the coast of the Aridane Valley

According to the latest report from the Pevolca Scientific Committee, yesterday the air quality due to SO2 registered values ​​between good and reasonably good in Puntagorda, and good in the rest of the stations.

The new lava delta that flows into the Los Guirres beach continues to grow with contributions of lava, while the rest of the flows remain stable. The area affected by the volcanic eruption now reaches 1,018.67 hectares.

Intermediate seismicity (between 10 and 15 km) continues at low values, consolidating the evolution recorded in recent days, and deep seismicity (from 20 km) remains constant.

Weather conditions favor the operation of airports and the dispersion of pollutants. Pevolca reiterates the importance of complying with security measures when access to exclusion zones is allowed.


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