March 6, 2021

So you can use WhatsApp to know where your children are – The Province

In order to course andthe arrival of summer many parents take advantage of the moment to give their childrena mobile phone as a way to reward good grades and also be able to call them to know if everything is fine during the almost three months of vacations in which they do not have school, especially when they start adolescence and go out alone with their friends.

In the market there are several payment applications that allow knowing the location of the smallest at all times, but alsoIt is possible to control where they are thanks to WhatsApp.

Although the most advisable thing is to have a relationship based on trust and that the minor is the one who warns when something happens or is honest about where it is, the reality is sometimes quite far from this ideal and there is no other option than tomar more drastic measures and resort to this type of devicesto know the truth.

How to share the location by Whatssapp

How to share the location in real time by Whattsapp

WhatsApp has long allowed to know the locationof all the contacts you have in the chat so you just have to pick up your child's phone andset the option to share the location with yours, that you get when you click on the file attach icon, (icon in the form of a clip).

You must select the option Real-time location.

WhatsApp will offer you to share it for several time slots: 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. Obviously you will choose the one that best suits your needs.

Explaining to the child that he is sharing a real-time location with you or not is already a personal thing.

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