Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

So you can turn your face into an emoji for WhatsApp

More than a year ago, Manzana presented the Memojis, or custom emoticons from the photo of our face. However, the use of these autoemojis is causing a furor now that they can finally be used on WhatsApp.

The latest update of Manzana to iOS 13 let us now customize our emoji to WhatsApp

Apple Memoji allow customize your own emojis with any detail, from skin tones to freckles and hats. Next, thanks to FaceID's facial recognition technology, it generates a set of standardized facial expressions.

Just by taking a selfie, a map of our face of up to 30,000 points is created, which allows these custom emoticons to simulate our movements and expressions.

The cheer up they worked in principle with devices iPhone X or higher. But now, any user who updates to iOS 13 can use the memoji, although they will not be animated and will only show a face similar to ours imitating the most popular icons, such as the hearts in the eyes or the one that winks.

Create our Apple Memoji

The step to create the Memoji Since Apple is very simple. The first thing is to make sure that we have updated to iOS 13. Next, we enter Messages and there we touch the text box to write a message. We can also go to an existing conversation.

The following is to press the icon Animoji and then, swipe right and click on New Memoji> Add new Memoji.

At this point we can customize our avatar with the skin tone, hairstyle, eyes and others. When we have our portrait ready, just give it to the ok and we have our Memoji ready.

This will automatically appear in WhatsApp, where we can edit it again when we want.

On Android

From Android it is not yet possible to create our own Memoji, so we will have to do it from an Apple and send them to us through WhatsApp. There, just by touching the image we can save it among our stickers by clicking on “add to favorites”.

As an alternative on Android we can download other applications to create our custom emojis, such as Bitmoji or Zepetto.

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