Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

So you can password protect the chats of your WhatsApp

Privacy in Whatsapp It is something that worries its users. The privacy policy and encryption system of the platform prevents messages from reaching unwanted third parties. However, these measures are useless in case someone manages to unlock our phone, as they can read our messages from Whatsapp with total impunity.

To prevent anyone from accessing our conversations, Whatsapp account for a while with a function that allows to password protect specific chats.

Specifically, this function allows users to add an identification lock with pin, fingerprint or face to protect the application.

The screen lock function is available on devices iOS Y Android, but must be activated in the configuration of the application before guaranteeing that the application stays away from prying eyes.

How to activate the password for chats

To activate this function, the first thing is to check that we have the most recent version of Whatsapp through the App Store or Google Play.

Next, we have to enter the configuration menu within the same application. This menu may vary depending on the operating system that we are using, but we can find it by looking for the gear symbol that is usually in the lower right part of the screen.

Within configuration, we have to click on "account", And we will arrive at a page where we can manage the security and privacy of WhatsApp. In this section we have to go to the "Privacy"

There we will find a series of options related to privacy, which allow us for example to hide the profile photo to a list of people you have blocked.

The option to block the chats is under the option of "Screen lock"

Depending on the device, this will open an option on how to authenticate access to WhatsApp and the period of time it takes for the block to activate. It also offers a default option on how to unlock the application, although it again depends on the device.

To activate this option we just have to slide the button and select when we want the lock to activate after leaving the application.

Once this function is activated, we can only open WhatsApp with Face ID, fingerprint or access code. However, we will still be able to respond to notification messages if we have it activated and we can answer calls through the service.

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