So you can heat your home without using electricity or gas



The first week of November will be
colder than usual in all of Spain
. The night frosts are coming and the thermometers will stay between 5 and 10 degrees below normal. In this context it is already more than necessary start heating the home, but
light price
the gas
rising higher can hold back many families.

The average price of electricity last October reached 200 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), an unprecedented figure in Spain and forecasts suggest that the trend will not change in the short term. For this reason Idealista has developed a guide to heat the house without or reducing the consumption of electricity and gas.

Bioethanol fireplaces and stoves

Biomass is one of the best known alternatives. In the absence of a conventional fireplace at home or a stove, we can opt for independent or tabletop bio stoves and fireplaces, for prices from 62 euros. They are placed at home without the need to alter the architectural structure, they work only with ethanol without consumption of electricity or gas and due to their insulating technology they do not expel any smoke residue so they are perfect for both exteriors and interiors.

Poly fuel stoves

They are similar to pellet stoves, but in this case they also work with other materials, such as almond shells or olive pits, and cost around 1,000 euros. Poly fuel stoves they do not expel toxic gases when producing energy so they are respectful with the environment. Initially, they involve a larger investment since they are not cheap, but it is a payment that pays off over time as it does not require the use of electricity or natural gas at all.

Thermal curtains

Finally, it is worth highlighting the use of different accessories that provide heat to the room and also represent an alternative to combat the cold. A fairly efficient resource is the use of thermal curtains that insulate windows and doors of terraces through which the heat can escape. Combine them with rugs that isolate cold and moisture and fabric furniture that retains heat They contribute a lot to maintaining the temperature of our house.

Other methods that reduce consumption

In addition, there are other methods that can help us reduce gas and electricity consumption if we do not want to do without them completely.

The infrared heaters They are ceramic plates that are installed on the wall and provide heat to the room through infrared radiation, ranging from 130 euros. They do not generate any type of residue, they are silent and easy to install. In addition, they transform 95% of the power into thermal radiation, so the energy consumption required for their operation is much less than usual.

He too geothermal air conditioning system It is based on the installation in the field of probes that collect the heat and lead it to the vaporizer of the thermal pump. This steam is compressed and reaches a higher temperature that is already channeled into our radiant heater, fan coils or the radiation system that we have chosen. The percentage of energy that is used to activate this system is much lower than in the use of conventional heating. Its use allows to achieve savings of up to 75% compared to traditional systems of electric radiators and diesel boilers.

Through aerothermal technology the renewable boilers It works with heat pumps that heat the water thanks to the thermal exchange with the outside. This allows heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year without generating fumes or waste. It only requires energy consumption to start the compressor motor, which means a saving of 25% in the case of natural gas and 50% when it comes to Diesel. Initially, the price of the installation is higher than that of a conventional heating system, but it dampens in the course of between 5 and 12 years due to the constant saving of electrical energy.

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