So you can have 3D animals in your house thanks to Google - La Provincia

The most popular search engine on the Internet,Google, It has surprised again with the inclusion of a new possibility that delights thousands of Internet users and has quickly become a sensation on the net.

Google has made available to its users a tool that allows them to havethree-dimensional imagesof various animals in order to include them in real environments.

Thus, taking advantage of thequarantinecaused by the coronavirus, anyone can have a dog, a cat or even a shark or a panda bear in their home, and get to be photographed with it.

To achieve this, it is simply necessary to make asearch for the desired animalFrom the mobile, go down slightly on the screen to where the animated figure appears, click on 'see in 3D', then on 'see in your space' and then locate the surface on which you want to deposit (preferably the floor) and select the size of the animal, before trying to take the photographs you want.

This is the complete list of available 3D animals:

- Alligator

- monkfish

- Grizzly

- Cat

- Leopard

- Labrador dog

- duck

- Eagle

- Penguin

- Panda bear

- Goat

- hedgehog

- Horse

- Lion

- macaw

- octopus

- Shark

- Pony

- Snake

- Tiger

- Turtle

- Wolf

- Pug dog

- Rottweiler dog


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